6 Reasons Why Every Business Should Turn Employees into Social Media Brand Advocates

Today’s workforce have the power of social media and the digital world. With this they can spread update about company online easily. The question is whether this employee advocacy beneficial for the business? Is it helping in marketing of the brand and increasing brand awareness?

First, what is employee advocacy defined as? The fact is that by harnessing the power of social media through their trusted employees a company can increase their brand awareness and reap more benefits for their business. Here are six reasons why every company should turn their employees into social media brand advocates.

  1. Better Employee Engagement

Employee retention is a challenge to every HR manager out there. Thus, they are employing techniques like collaboration and employee advocacy so that employees feel valued. When an employee is handed over the responsibility of brand advocacy they feel trusted and get concerned about the growth of the business. Thus, overall employee engagement increases.

  1. Increased Social Presence

When anything is released through brand channels it is noticed but if the same thing is shared by employees in their own network it will receive more attention, actually 8 times more. Each employee has their own network and when they advocate for the brand they are doing it altogether. The result is increase in social presence much more than what is expected from any advertisement or press release.

  1. Employees consider themselves as thought leaders

It is necessary that in order to increase employee advocacy the business leaders must explain the advocacy goals to every employee. The engaged and trusted employees should have a clear vision about what they are doing and how is it good for them. This will build a trust among the employees who are advocating on behalf of the brand. Employees will find their concern taking interest in their personal and professional development and participate actively.

  1. Humanize your brand

When employees turn into brand advocates they are allowing the brand to reach many more followers. With their effort, they are actually helping in humanizing the brand. They become the mouth and ear of the concern and do the best for increasing brand awareness.

  1. Increases lead conversion rate

Modern social platform savvy audience do not follow what the business channel are releasing, they rather follow what fellows from their network is doing. When any content is shared by the brand advocates it generates more leads compared to any channel driven content.

  1. Enhances social selling effort

Social sales experts claims that sales personnel who are using social media for boosting their sales performs better than their peers who do not. When this is added with employee advocacy program the results are great. Employee advocates work hand in hand with the sales team for generating better revenue.

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