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From Our Blog

The Importance of Image & Video Lighting

Designing your video or CD packaging is definitely important because it plays a huge role in the marketing aspect of your business or product. However, another important factor to consider when dealing with videos or images in general or for your business, it is always best to make sure each is of the highest quality possible. Lighting plays an important part in the overall quality of a video or image and something as simple as changing up the light or lighting modifier used in your project can affect it immensely. High-end businesses, such as vinyl wrap & vehicle enhancement services will actually go to great lengths to have the proper lighting installed in their facility for this reason. Imagine if the proper lighting could truly showcase your work for how well it was done. Brilliantly showing off every detail & area of enhanced gloss flawlessly. 

Enhance Video & Imagery With The Right Light Beam

Hyer Quality Detail, a renowned vehicle enhancement studio out of Tempe, AZ, installed honeycomb lighting throughout their facility to better showcase their exquisite work. Documenting the high-end sports cars and other vehicles they service is a big part of their job & marketing strategy. What is honeycomb lighting? Constructed of a small grid of tiny holes, the structure creates a tight grid that is similar in appearance to the honeycomb that comes from a bee. The light shining through each hole provides a tight beam of light that focuses with little diffusion. While this type of lighting is great in creating an effective beam of light for imaging & videos, it is not as intense or focused as a snoot.

What Is a Honeycomb Lighting Grid?

The honeycomb grid is made up of a bunch of different channels and is black in color to help prevent light from bouncing off the sides of each channel. Grid parts can vary in size and greatly depend on the size of the grid itself. Because light needs to be precise when trying to capture a certain look & feel, grid light modifiers can also be used for more precise work. For example, a snoot is an adaptable light modifier used to create very tightly focused beams of light. It looks like a tube that fits on the end of a studio light, strobe, or off-camera flash unit. In some cases, the tapered end of a snoot can be paired with a honeycomb grid to further direct the desired beam of light.

In the end to find the right lighting for each image/video project you set out to accomplish, experimentation is necessary to help define the exact beam & intensity of your desired lighting! 


5 Tips for Designing Your CD Packaging, So You Get It Right

CD packing

CD-packaging is a creative piece of work. Its design represents the product you want to sell. The intellectual and creative energy put into building an album should get extended in making CD packaging designs. The aesthetics of the packaging can influence marketing and sales. Ordinary people judge the product based on the outer look. If the cover and packaging are not appealing, they might pick another attractive enough for their money. If you are the producer or band manager of a music album, you can use the following tips while designing the CD packaging.

Make sure to get the necessary info.

CD design


If you are releasing a music album, make sure to put the essential information like the band name, artist name, and the cover title. Even if most people are familiar with the said details, it can reinforce the marketing. Do make sure to get the spellings of artists right. Please try not to fill the space with too many facts, and make space for designs.

Colour patterns and style

The CD designs depend wholly on the kind of colour and style used in designing it. Employ a designer to get the right layout, which sinks well with the music or movie genre. For example, if you are releasing a children’s music album, a fun-colourful scheme is appealing. But for a rap artist’s album cover, the subject and theme of his or her songs should reflect in the surface. CD-packaging designs come in different tone and decoration, it can get abstract or concert, direct or toned down. The pattern of a CD- cover influence the way a customer perceives it. In this age of digital technology, people who buy CDs will look for cool-looking covers. If the cover design is not likeable, it is unlikely that they’ll invest any money on CDs.

Album covers with faces

Album covers with faces

Another tip regarding cover design will be the usage of portraits. Music albums usually feature the leading artists in fascinating angles. Such covers build personal connections with the customers and psychologically reaffirms the quality of the product.

Website and Barcode

Do not forget to put your website and barcode on the CD-cover. It doesn’t mean you should include social media URLs. Proper website name and address is enough for users to get more information on the album. Loading more details can affect the overall design of the packaging.

Simplicity is the key.

Be it a wild cover or a cover featuring the artist, keeping the design minimal will win more hearts. It is the time of the minimalistic lifestyle. Visual media is part of this style or technique. Having a minimal pattern with stark coverage will exhibit refinement.

Benefits of Custom CD Packaging

CD packing

Packaging of any product will directly reflect its quality. Customer psychology suggests that people often buy what attracts and captivates them, and packaging plays a significant role. CD covers should include the necessary details, an appealing design, website link; and keep the product safe. A custom packaging can strike the initial sparks in a customer for product purchase. For example, if a music album does not feature a cover related to their theme, people won’t recognize their idea. A visually impressive packaging is custom made based on the artist and their music. What difference does it make when a CD is custom-packed? Read ahead to understand the benefits behind custom packaging CDs.

Helps Marketing

The custom packaging of a CD can serve two purposes- free marketing and a beautiful container to protect the CD. If the CD cover is gorgeous and creative enough, people will buy them just for the sake of its innovative look. While designing the cover, associate it with the tone of the music or idea inside it carries. It would increase sales as well as the general outlook of the product.

Shows Quality

A well-designed and packed product always shows quality. It exudes the passion and professionality behind it’s making. Why are people attracted to big brands? – because they exhibit quality through their finished products. In this case, a CD cover can showcase the artist or the idea in a good light.

Attracts New Customers


New customers who are unaware of your album or idea will judge it after looking at the CD cover. A perfectly tailored CD cover will catch attention. If you want new admires, make the CD cover intriguing enough.

Builds Brand

Like how a CD cover helps with its marketing, a well-build CD cover can build the brand. Fitting logo and title font can go a long way in building the brand. Like every other product, custom made CD cover will help the artist grow their market and brand name. But keep in mind that low-quality cover designs and packaging can inversely affect the brand. So, take great care designing the cover, as some of its features like font and logo must live-long for brand growth.

Product Safety

Compact discs are fragile and require good packaging. If the product is not intact inside, it can damage and promote lousy advertisement. Custom made environment-friendly packaging is seeing growth. Such packaging will foster the band for its conservative outlook.


With custom packaging, you gain satisfaction. Custom packaging requires thinking out of the box, and such products send forth the feeling of uniqueness among customers. It is the human mentality to choose something different and unique, which applies to custom CD packaging.

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